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Production, Protection and Inclusion (PPI Compact) program

Production, Protection and Inclusion (PPI Compact) program has been implementing in Krong Nang, under the sponsor of SustainableTrade Initiative (IDH) and JDE. Simexco along with the support of Krong Nang’s local government, has developed a large-scale area with 5.200 hectares, 4000 farmers in 3 communes Ea Tan, Ea Toh and Dlie Ya which put the focus on 3 main aspects Economic – Social – Environment. Phase 2019 – 2021 the positive impacts have been achieved in large scale, especially farmers awareness has been imporoved significantly and sustanably, approach to science technology. The program is expected to create a solid leverage for the next development step in the phase 2021-2025 with the aim of forming large-scale production areas (VSA), reducing carbon emissions, developing green agriculture.

Source: Sustainable team

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