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The sustainable pepper program between Simexco-Griffith has been implementing during season crop 2021-2022. In which, simexco committed to supplying 1.000 tons of final pepper products (500 tons with  RA certificate and 500 tons under the program since 2020 and this volume will achieve certificate in 2022) to ensure the requirements of farming practice matching with the required quality specification

     To meet the supplying demand of Griffith, besides the existing sourcing areas Eakao, Krong Nang, Krong Ana of over 258 farmers, Simexco has expanded Cu Mgar with 148 farmers, and Cu Kuin will be the next destination that Simexco has put focus on.

Simexco’s sourcing area map

Under Griffith’s support, Simexco has implemented a range-wide of practical activities: Providing personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid kit, waste bins…. to ensure health for pepper growers, contribute to enhancing product value. Field staff has conducted regular visits and monitored activities at sourcing areas. However, due to the serious covid 19 pandemic, some of the staff at sourcing areas were able to conduct quick visits to some farms. Most of them conducted a phone call to discuss farmers’ practices.

       According to the survey, most of the sourcing area has been facing the common challenge of unstable weather, leading to a high risk of pests and diseases. Notably, the shortage of rainfall during the flowering stage caused fewer pepper strings, short strings, and low density. The rainfall has been shown as below:

Comparison chart of rainfall in Dak Lak for 4 years 2018 – 2021

Some farmers shared due to high productivity of last year leading to lower yield for the current year. The others said because of late harvesting causing late flowering stage.

Pepper strings on the farm

The survey showed pepper yield in 2021-2022 has a sharp decrease of 20-30%. Farmers are expected that the pepper price will reach 100.000 VND to compensate for input costs. Currently, farmers have not expanded the pepper area however they still focus on rejunevation with the ratio of 10-15%.                                                                                                                  

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