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Gender Equality- Cooperation Program Simexco & Strauss

Simexco is really proud to be one of the leading exporters in Vietnam, our mission is to manufacture high-quality coffee beans while maintaining our core values. The Gender Equality initiative, which is one of Simexco’s worldwide sustainability goals, has been executed and has achieved the following results:

On July 3rd, 2021 Simexco launched the program “Gender equality – empowering to female farmers on coffee farms” and training to improve household economic management capacity for women in Cu Sue village – Cu Mgar district, under the sponsorship of Strauss Group.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, the number of participants in the training session was in accordance with the regulations, and strict precautions were followed. Women in Cu Sue Sourcing Area are very interested in the topic of training and they hope that many such meaningful programs will be implemented.

At the training session, the women were instructed by the field officer to install the pesticides inspection app, “Khuyến Nông Xanh” to improve their scientific knowledge, as well as look up information on suitable pesticides for orchards, (without using banned drugs), consult agricultural product prices and related news, helping them get access to technology in agricultural farming.

In particular, we also provided 150 sets of gender equality documents, 150 sets of documents on cultivation, 150 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) and 100 sets of first aid for women as these are practical supports to meet the needs of female farmers. In the near future, when the Covid-19 situation is well-handled, activities such as training on weed management, intercropping, and general health check-up will be implemented. It is hoped that the program will be the motivation for female farmers to realize their roles in participating in sustainable farming on coffee farms.

Credit: Sustainable Team

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