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As part of the activities under Simexco – Strauss program, on August 21st 2021, Simexco conducted program to support 700 durian seedlings, 150 personal protective equipment (PPE), 100 first aid kits, 100 farming documents, 500 T-Shirts for female coffee farmers in Cu Sue Commune – Cu Mgar District. These activities are considered as practical support to motivate farmers’ spirit in production and incentivize them to get through covid 19 pandemic.

Field staff had conducted surveys to identify farmers’ demand before seedlings were distributed to farmers to ensure keep up with actual needs. The farmer shared: “durian trees bring higher income, and coffee is a shade-torrent tree, intercropping durian will generate the shade, keep moisture and regulate microclimate on the farms, respond to recent climate change”.

The program has improved women’s roles in coffee production, create favorable conditions for women to access and participate actively in social life activities.                                                                                                                                                                    

  Sustainable Team

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