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A good book on your shelf is a great friend

Responding to the program of UNESCO, and also to spread the great values of books and newspapers. Recognizing the importance of reading culture in a life of individuals and the social community, Simexco Youth has built together a “Reading Corner” with many good books on management fields, business, self-development, learning English, etc… to share in the Simexco reading group.

Reading helps to increase knowledge and improve memory.

In addition, reading books is one of an effective form of entertainment, reducing stress after tiring working hours.

It is the books that open us up to a new world of ideas from the different perspective of others.

Besides, reading books also helps us build empathy,and therefore have better understand of the world around us, our loved ones, our colleagues…

Reading books, no matter how little, no matter how much or how different of the fields, you will receive experiences.

No one is sure that reading a book can make us become successful, but one thing to confirm is that people who are very successful tend to read frequently.

Therefore, reading should be encouraged more. Let’s try to change the habit by reading today and feel

Let’s read books every day!

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