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Dak Lak enterprises’ ceremony for leading EUDR-compliant coffee production

After 10 months of efforts and proactive implementation to meet regulations according to 4C-EUDR standards. On April 25, 2024, Simexco assert to announce as the Dak Lak’s Pioneer in Establishing Coffee Production Areas Compliant with EUDR and Achieving the World’s First 4C – EUDR Certification.

As a Daklak’s Pioneer in Establishing Coffee Production Areas Compliant with EUDR, however, to expand even more the EUDR compliant volume up to over 100.000ton across 90000ha within Simexco’s sourcing areas, additionally, in order for our coffee products, upon arrival at EU ports, to go through due diligence procedures in traceability, inspection and reaching final buyers, we respectfully wish to receive cooperation and further aid, especially on guidance and supportive information from relevant parties, especially international buyers


Here to announce “Simexco assert to announce as a Daklak’s pioneer in establishing coffee production areas compliant with EUDR to achieve the world’s first EUDR-4C Attestation.”