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Simexco’s new online store on Amazon received many positive feedbacks after a few weeks of official …

Simexco’s new online store on Amazon officially went into operation from 10th October 2021. Now, Vietnam coffee lovers from the US can easily have their own cups of coffee by ordering directly from Amazon.com. We serve many types of coffee such as: Green coffee beans (unroasted), Roasted coffee beans, Ground coffee, Instant coffee, Drip coffee and especially Vietnam fine Robusta coffee for you favorite taste.

After a few months of active, our store have received any positive feedbacks that means a lots to us:

“I have only begun roasting beans very recently, so i can only comment on simple aspects of these beans. They are clean, with no debris. They are vacuum-packed and smell fresh. When i roasted them in a rotisserie, they “cracked” evenly. The coffee flavor is balanced, with a slight sweetness like milk chocolate with a touch of cherry. I need to learn how to get a bold roast without burning, and there are plenty of websites that are happy to give advice on that :-). It is very satisfying to roast my own coffee and share it with a few special friends. And the aroma that fills my kitchen when roasting is heavenly!” Lubba Lardi’s feedback on SIMEXCO Specialty Natural Unroasted Coffee Beans

“Get this coffee quick! lol This may be the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. It looks like it’s from Vietnam from the package. But I can’t be certain. The coffee is 100% premium robusta. Which some people say is inferior, but I would strongly disagree. This coffee is flavorful, strong and has absolutely no chemical or plastic or external smells or tastes. The finish is so excellent. Some people look for a vanilla, Caramel, or chocolate flavor. But this coffee ends with just a strong pure, beautiful coffee flavor. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever had a better cup of coffee. Get this quick before it sells out.” MedusaOne’s feedback on SIMEXCO Serepok Premium 100% Robusta Roasted Ground Coffee

Thank you for your kind words, we hope to have more feedbacks from you guys.

Come and see us again!

Coffee cheers!

Simexco Daklak on Amazon