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Simexco Daklak marks a milestone of 30 years of development

To mark the milestone of 30 years of formation and development – 30 years accompanying the Vietnamese coffee industry, Simexco Daklak has organized numerous activities with the goal of serving the community and contributing to sustainable development, leaving a strong impression on partners, customers, residents, and tourists.

On June 8th, in Buon Ma Thuot City, Simexco Daklak – the Import-Export Company 2-9 Dak Lak (Simexco Daklak) will organize the celebration of its 30 years of formation and development (June 8th, 1993 – June 8th, 2023), marking the milestone of 30 years of accompanying the Vietnamese coffee industry.


“Simexco Coffee Tour” is a highlight that attracts domestic and international tourists at the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023.

To make this anniversary celebration more meaningful, Simexco Daklak has organized various activities since the beginning of the year with the aim of serving the community and promoting sustainable development. These activities not only create a vibrant atmosphere but also demonstrate the social responsibility of the company and the desire to convey a message of unity and contribution to the building and development of a stronger company.

One notable event is the “Simexco Coffee Tour” program held during the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in 2023. This is a series of promotional activities that offer free coffee services along Phan Dinh Giot Street in Buon Ma Thuot City.

By participating in the program, residents and tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of specialty coffee prepared by professional baristas from the Amazing Cup competition. They also get to hear about the journey of Vietnamese specialty coffee and the path of Vietnamese coffee integration into the global coffee trend.

In addition to contributing to the success of the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, the “Simexco Coffee Tour” offers a different perspective and unique, impressive experiences for tourists visiting Buon Ma Thuot – the coffee capital of the world.

As part of the “Vietnam Specialty Coffee 2023 – Vietnam Amazing Cup 2023” competition, Simexco Daklak collaborated with the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association to successfully organize the first specialty coffee auction in Vietnam. The event made a significant impact on domestic and international coffee roasters as well as specialty coffee producers, with coffee prices increasing sevenfold after the auction. This event contributed to enhancing the value of Vietnamese coffee.


The first specialty coffee auction has contributed to enhancing the value of Vietnamese coffee.

Another meaningful community activity by Simexco Daklak at the beginning of 2023 was pioneering the transition from elephant riding tourism to elephant-friendly tourism, which was implemented at the Buon Don Suspension Bridge Tourist Center. This tourist center also hosted the Laotian New Year – Bunpimay event, featuring cultural, artistic, and attractive tourism activities that showcased the rich ethnic traditions and preserved the cultural heritage of Buon Don.

In addition, the company’s trade union organized the groundbreaking ceremony for a greenery project, donating trees to ethnic minority communities in Krong Na commune (Buon Don district). They planted 160 Cham pa trees, yellow Osaka flowers, and black star trees along both sides of a road, with a total length of approximately 600 meters. This activity was part of the “Planting Trees Forever Grateful to Uncle Ho” campaign, commemorating the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. Simexco Daklak also collaborated with the Literature and Arts Association, as well as the Department of Information and Communications of Dak Lak province, to organize the Vietnam Book Day and Reading Culture event in Buon Don district and throughout the province. They also sponsored and participated in the first Daklak Marathon.

Recently, Simexco Daklak welcomed the delegation of ambassadors from four Northern European countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) to visit and experience coffee culture. This visit aimed to introduce the local tourism and cultural heritage of Buon Ma Thuot – the coffee capital of the world, with the goal of attracting potential investors.

During their visit, the delegation had the opportunity to witness the significant impact of sustainable programs and the changing awareness of the local residents regarding the integration of production, resource conservation, and social welfare. These initiatives were implemented by Simexco Daklak in collaboration with partners. The delegation also witnessed the reduction in water usage, the implementation of diversified farming models, and the maintenance of forest coverage, which have contributed significantly to improving income and optimizing input costs.

According to Mr. Le Duc Huy, the General Director of Simexco Daklak, with the motto “Simexco 30 years – a new vision,” the past 30 years have been a cherished and proud journey for the state-owned agricultural export company in Dak Lak province and Vietnam as a whole.

“To embark on a new journey beyond the 30-year milestone, we need positive energy, creativity, innovation, and unity among our team, aiming for high and far-reaching development in the present and future. Simexco Daklak wishes to continue contributing to the development of the agricultural sector in our province and our country, towards a future of sustainable growth,” expressed Mr. Le Duc Huy with anticipation.

Impressive figures include:

  • Total revenue in the past 30 years reached nearly 80,000 billion VND, averaging over 2,750 billion VND per year. In 2022, revenue reached nearly 6,500 billion VND, a 30-fold increase compared to 1994.
  • Total import-export turnover: 3,760 billion USD, averaging nearly 130 million USD per year. In 2022, it reached nearly 243 million USD, a 14-fold increase compared to 1994.
  • Coffee exports: nearly 2,285,000 tons, averaging 78,790 tons per year. In 2022, it reached nearly 126,520 tons, a 15-fold increase compared to 1994.
  • Pepper exports (participating since 2002): reached nearly 83,300 tons, averaging over 3,960 tons per year. In 2022, it reached 5,856 tons, a 23-fold increase compared to 2002.
  • Total contribution to the state budget: 506 billion VND, averaging 17 billion VND per year.

Translated from a article of Doanh Nghiep Viet Nam news

Original post: https://doanhnghiepvn.vn/doanh-nhan/simexco-daklak-ghi-dau-cot-moc-30-nam-phat-trien-bang-chuoi-hoat-dong-vi-cong-dong/20230525082706713

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