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Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the consumption of agricultural products is being greatly affected, of which pumpkin in Eakar town, Dak Lak province is dealing with a difficult situation of output source. Thousand tons of pumpkins at harvest time are stuck on farm because they cannot be transported to the northern province and surrounding areas.

The campaign “Save Pumpkins” was widely launched by the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union of the Centrally-run Authorities and Businesses’ Sector in Dak Lak province to promote the role of young people in giving a hand to help the community in the spirit of mutual solidarity

Simexco Youth Union is possitively, actively taking part in the campaign in which nearly 1000 kgs of pumpkins being consumed. The content  “Saving pumpkins – Sharing worries” comes from the purpose that the campaign will be spread to authorities and businesses as well as many people in Dak Lak and other cities, thereby supporting farmers to overcome the current situation.

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