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Blood donation, SIMEXCO joins hands for the community

Voluntary blood donation, a form of charity, shows the tradition of mutual love and affection, of loving individuals as if they were the body of our nation. It is an action to help patients who are in need of precious blood drops to maintain life in the context of the outbreak and increasingly complicated developments of Covid19 epidemic, along with the blood volume at the Blood Bank reaching red alarm levels.

Having become regular, this is one of the social activities that the Board of Directors of Simexco concerns about and actively participates in. Every year, through voluntary blood donation campaigns of organizations such as Trade Union, Youth Union, etc., Simexco’s volunteers have had the opportunity to participate in donating blood, contributing a part of their hearts to the society. The volunteers’ generosity will deliver health, the ability to save lives, cure and treat patients. Each drop of red blood donated by a volunteer represents a heart, a noble act, and a great sense of social responsibility: “Every drop of blood given, a life to remain.”

Credit: Le Vu Thuy Dung