1 UTZ Certified

Started in 2009

Area: 3.648 ha, production: 14.140 tons

2. 4C coffee

Started in 2011

Area: 9,603 ha, Production: 34,007 tons

3. Rainforest Alliance

Started in 2010,

Area: 511 ha, Production: 1,864 tons

- Participating in the coffee sustainable projects such as UTZ, 4C, R.A, the farmers will be trained about Labor Law to ensure that all workers have labor contracts signed in accordance with the Law.

- Trained in safety & heath labour to improve working safety knowledge.

- Trained in general epidemic management in order to reduce and minimize pesticide use. Through the train, the farmers know how to select, preserve, use the pesticide; the way to destroy bags, cans, bottles and the residue pesticides.

- Trained in fertilizer use based on the harvest aggregate yield and the soil analysis result.

- Trained in taking advantage of recycling energy resources to save cost and protect the environment.

4, Competitive Agricultural Project

Area: 273.5 hectares

Production certified: 614.4 tons

- The farmer who participates in the project will be trained to manage the farm more scientifically. Through the project, the production activities will be more effective, less cost of investing, to meet the farm’s requirement for gaining high productivity.

- Participating in the competitive agricultural project, the farmers will be able to receive fertilizers, pesticides, other production equipments and working materials from eligible supply sources which quality and price assurance that could enable the farmers to have less investment compared to none project participants

- 100% products are bought at good price with bonus premium of VND 200/ kg, because of this the farmers’ income increase significantly compared to none production alliance.

- When associating to produce sustainable coffee, the social cognition of the farmer as well as the farmer group will be advanced signnificantly

- The farm owner recognizes that once hiring short-term crop worker, he should follow the labour law.

- During sustainable coffee production, the farmers implement very well to meet all requirements to ensure that the environment’s sustainability and protection of environment around. Their awareness about environmental sanitation is also advance such as bearing the pesticide’s bags, cans after use into land instead of throwing them away.

5. Rainforest Alliance in Pepper - coordinate program with Euroma/IDH (SNV)

Started in 2012, the first RA certified for pepper in Vietnam.

Area: 269 ha, Production: 453 tons.

-Participating in the certified sustainable pepper project, farmers benefits from bonus premium added into sales price compared to uncertified pepper.

-Supporting farmers by organizing training classes related to Rainforest Alliance principles, practices of G.A.P good farmers, working safety. And therefore, these farmers can have well-knowledge about scientific technology of planting, good care and pepper producing, sanitation of food safety, working safety, environment knowledge ...

6, The project associated with National Agricultural Extension Center

Area: 91.5 ha, certified: 372 tons.

- Participating in a project in which farmers are trained in coffee cultivating technologies.

- Being subsidized fertilizer, pesticides once participation.