The 6th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival and Central Highlands Gongs Culture Festival 2017
Date: 2017-03-21

The Buon Ma Thuot Café and the Gong Festival in Highlands Vietnam of 2017 took place from March 8-13th , that had attracted more than 25.000 tourists. The event had the participation of 235 enterprises and the exhibition of 734 booths, which includes the enthusiastic contribution of Daklak September 2nd Import-Export Company Limited (SIMEXCO DAKLAK). The Festival didn’t only help the domestic and foreign tourists discover the beauty of "Highlands’s rich culture”, but also have a better understanding of Higlands’s typical products in general and DakLak province in particular.

In early March, SIMEXCO DAKLAK was in a hurry to set up booths and prepare everything needed for the Festival at the Biet Dien Museum. In addition, Simexco’s staffs had also received many intense training courses by “experts” for a long period of time.

During the Festival, the booth of SIMEXCO DAKLAK had brought to visitors many quality products and impressive gifts, which contributes to the Festival’s brilliant success. With its achievements and contribution, Simexco Daklak has been awarded the “Gold Cup for Public Health” by the Department of Science and Technology of Daklak Province in 2017.

Although the Festival took place for only a short period of time, but it’s certain that the spirit of  “Prestige Is Our Core Asset” and the best quality products of Simexco Daklak had given the visitors an unforgettable experience. The native people always call the Central Highland “Đại Ngàn” in Vietnamese – means The Great Forest with high respect and love. With the warm atmosphere of Mid-March, it’s incomparably interesting and cheerful to enjoy some sips of coffee brewed and servered by Simexco’s baristas beside your friends and family in the middle of “the Provincial Capital” of Central Highland Vietnam.

Images of the Festival: